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Definition of Outsourcing contract

Outsourcing IT service contract represents the element that regulates the relationship between clients and suppliers: its improper contents could have negative effects on the achievement of clients' and suppliers' strategic goals.

Outsourcing contract definition and management requests many competences and a great experience in order to integrate synthesize and balance analysis results and reach set goals.

After 20 years of specific experience, STS effectively helps its clients to reach cost, saving goals, operative and strategic flexibility, high grade of contract and relationship with vendors governance, reducing litigation risks
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STS consulting STS consulting

The main activities performed in Outsourcing management are:

• Complete realization of outsourcing contract, after assessment and revision of the existing documentations on the base of specific methodologies that guarantee uniformity to the market vision
• Analysis and review of the existing SLA and accordance to the business objectives
• Support for economic valuation and optimization of the costs
• Complete technical and legal support for the management of the negotiation phases in the outsourcing contract
• Assessment and support in the management of the transition phase between contracts and suppliers, minimizing risks and interruption of the activity
• Support for the complete management of the contract and supplier management


Indipendence, professionalism
and certified responsibilities

STS is an indipendent society, working with responsibility and professionalism, as proved by the following certifications: